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May/June 2017

Volume 6, Number 3

4   Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
6   Aquatic Notebook by AMAZONAS staff & readers

20   Rhino Gobies from Northern Vietnam by Friedrich Bitter
30   The Timika Goby — Glossogobius concavifrons by Andreas Wagnitz
36   Kribia Gobies — Tiny African predators by Stanislav Kislyuk
44   Creating Nature — Finding the path to Nature Aquarium success by Steven Waldron
52   Reportage: Life in the dark, exploring cave rivers, Groundwater wildlife: Communicating science and conservation through photography by Dante Fenolio, Ph.D.; introduction by Michael J. Tuccinardi
58   Husbandry & Breeding: Keeping Blind Cave Fishes (or not) by Michael J. Tuccinardi
60   Reportage: Tetras from the Rio Tapajós by Hans-Georg Evers
68   Husbandry & Breeding: Trials and tribulations with Neolamprologus pectoralis by Holger Zinke
76   Husbandry & Breeding: Ancistrus sp. “Inambari Dwarf”: A new dwarf pleco for the hobby by Anna-Sophie Hawranek
82   Fishroom: A life with fishes — A visit with the legendary “Wessy” by Hans-Georg Evers

88   Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events by Janine Banks and Ray Lucas
90   Retail Sources
92   Species Snapshots
97   Advertiser Index
98   Underwater Eye by Morrell Devlin

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