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AMAZONAS Sep/Oct 2013: Dwarf Corys


September/October 2013

  • Caribbean Mollies
  • Mystery Rainbowfishes
  • Midas Cichlids

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September/October 2013

Volume 2, Number 5

4     Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
6     Aquatic Notebook

20     Dwarf Corys by Hans-Georg Evers
32     Three Little Corys of the Brazilian Shield by Hans-Georg Evers
40     A Happy Accident: Breeding Corydoras gracilis by Robert and Ulrike Budrovcan
44     Aquatic Travel: The Endemic Mollies of the ABC Islands — Van de Poll’s Molly (Poecilia vandepolli) by Adeljean L.F.C. Ho
52     Husbandry & Breeding:  Rainbowfishes Madagascar’s elusive Bedotia species by Christophe Mailliet
58     Aquatic Travel: Midas Cichlids — Species hotbeds in Central American volcanic crater lakes by Henrik Kusche
70     Husbandry & Breeding: Zagros Pupfish — A fish for the aquarium, balcony, or pond by Frank Krönke
78     Husbandry & Breeding: The Banded Bushfish — An African bubble nest–builder by Roland Schreiber

86     Aquarium Calendar:  Upcoming events by Mary E. Sweeney and Ray Lucas
88     Retail Sources
90     Species Snapshots
94     Society Connections
97     Advertiser Index
98     Underwater Eye by Morrell Devlin

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