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CORAL Feb/Mar 2006: Live Food


February/March 2006

  • Aquarium Photography
  • Exploring Bali
  • Snail Husbandry
  • Reef Aquarium Profile

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Volume 3 Number 1

4   Daniel Knop Editorial
5   Kathleen Wood Editorial
6   Interview: Dr. Dirk Petersen
12   Getting Started is Easy
18   Photo Essay: Live Food by Daniel Knop
28   Culturing Phytoplankton by Wolfgang Mai    
33   Zooplankton by Wolfgang Mai
38    Why Propagate Copepods? by Johannes Dürbaum
42   Commercially Available Live Foods
by Dr. Patrick Schubert and Dipl. Biol. Holger Kraus
46   “Saltwater” Guppies as Live Food
by Professor Ellen Thaler
48   The Hunting Strategies of Carnivorous Reef Fishes by Scott Michael    
64   Oddities    
66   Live Food for Saltwater Aquariums
68   Spotlight: Ricordea florida by Daniel Knop
74   Travel: Bali —A Diver’s Paradise by Stine Pelz and Kai Velling    
80   You Learn Something New Everyday — An Adventure in Importing Snails by Harald Mülder and Robert Baur-Kruppas    
84   Photography and the Saltwater Aquarium by Siegfried Bäsler    
88   European Reefkeeping Perspectives    
92   Tips And Tricks    
94   Retail Realm

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