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CORAL Jun/Jul 2007: Great Barrier Reef


June/July 2007

  • Sea Dragons
  • Understanding Iodine
  • Underwater Maldives
  • Reef Aquarium Profile

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Volume 4 Number 3

4     Daniel Knop Editorial
5     Kathleen Wood Editorial
6     Interview: J.E.N.”Charlie” Veron
12   Getting Started is Easy
16   Oddities
18   Photo Essay: Great Barrier Reef by Alf Jacob Nilsen
26   The Great Barrier Reef by Alf Jacob Nilsen
42   Research on the Great Barrier Reef by Alf Jacob Nilsen
46   Reef Management — The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the New Zoning Plan by Alf Jacob Nilsen
50   The True Aussie Elasmobranch Icon — The Wobbegongs (Family Orectolobidae) by Scott W. Michael
64   Wobbly Future for the Wobbies by Scott W. Michael
66   Spotlight: The Anemone Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) by Werner Fiedler
72   Travel: Before and After the Bleaching — Snorkeling in the Maldives by Helmut Debelius
80   Sea Dragons by Sting Pelz and Kai Veiling
84   Iodine — More Questions than Answers by Dr. Dieter Brockmann
90   Aquarium Portrait: An Australian in Hanover by Gerhard Both
94   Retail Realm

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