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AMAZONAS Jan/Feb 2022: Freshwater Flatfishes


January/February 2022

  • Featherfin Mouthbrooders
  • Diversity of Eggs
  • Blue-eyed Pleco

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5   Letter From The Editor by Courtney Tobler
8   Aquatic Notebook
• New species of Badis from India
 by AMAZONAS editors
• The evolution of swordtail ornamentation
 by Michi Tobler

12     Underappreciated in the hobby—Flatfishes in freshwater by Ole Arnold Schneider
24     Brachirus cf. selheimi—A case study
by Stefan Baldus
34     A dwarf freshwater sole from Malaysia
by Stanislav Kislyuk
38     Husbandry and breeding — Mogurnda sp. ‘Fruata’ from the Bomberai Peninsula
by Kurt Heims
44     Reportage: Puzzling blue-eyed plecos
by Mark Regent
50     Reportage: Ecotourism at Camp Voltaire, French Guiana
by Ernst-Otto von Drachenfels
56     Reportage: Fish eggs through a lens
by Ralf Britz
66     All Things Aquascaping — Algae: biology, causes, and strategies for control
by Balin Shaw
74     Husbandry and breeding — A jewel among dwarf cichlids: Apistogramma panduro
by Ernst Sosna
78     Reportage: The genus Ophthalmotilapia— Featherfin mouthbrooders from Lake Tanganyika
by Wolfgang Staeck
86     Keeping the Cast — Bolo from Weird Waters®
by Courtney Tobler

88 Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events
by Janine Banks
90 Retail Sources
92 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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