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AMAZONAS Sep/Oct 2014: Swordtails!


September/October 2014

  • Champion Shrimp
  • Bucephalandra
  • Piranha Primer

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September/October 2014

Volume 3, Number 5

6    Editorial by Hans-Georg Evers
8    Aquatic Notebook by Amazonas staff & readers

22    They Came From Mexico: The swordtails and their habitat by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas
28    Fancy Swordtails—not for beginners! by Tobias Bernsee
32    King Lyretail and the Way There:  Breeding high-end swordtails by Rainer Schultz
38    Dwarfs With Character: Xiphophorus pygmaeus by Claus Osche
42    Reportage: Boeseman’s rainbowfish and its rare new cousin by Hans-Georg Evers
52    Husbandry & Breeding:  Tetra-, Penta-, Hexa-: A review of the banded barbs by Paul V. Loiselle
64    Reportage: Piranhas:  Fascinating, but not your ideal aquarium fish by Wolfgang Staeck
72    Interview: Talking fishes and the internet with Julian “Jools” Dignall by Hans-Georg Evers
78    Aquatic Plants:  First experiences with Bucephalandra by Mario Hamann
82    Aquatic Travel:  Aquariums in paradise: Bermuda by Rachel O’Leary

88    Aquarium calendar – Upcoming events by Matt Pedersen and Ray Lucas
90    Retail Sources
92    Species Snapshots
97    Advertiser Index
98    Underwater Eye by Hans-Georg Evers

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