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AMAZONAS Mar/Apr 2020: Dreamscapes: Planting Underwater Worlds


March/April 2020

  • Aphyosemion Evolution
  • AGA Aquascape Winners
  • Cichlasoma Species, Part 2

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Volume 9, Number 2

5 Letter from the Editor by Ann Whitman
6 Aquatic Notebook by AMAZONAS staff

14 Big worlds in small spaces by Lou Herfurth and AMAZONAS editors
22 Setting the stage: Equipment, hardscape, and design by Ann Whitman
26 Planted aquarium equipment basics by Stephan M. Tanner, Ph.D.
32 Painting with plants: selection and planting by Lou Herfurth and AMAZONAS editors
42 Attaching plants to decor by Lou Herfurth
44 Reportage A look at the Aphyosemion cameronense species-group by Joris Aerts and Peter Venstermans
52 Reportage Mud-dwelling eel gobies from Myanmar — Odontamblyopus rubicundus and Trypauchenopsis intermedia by Ralf Britz
56 Reportage Early species discoveries and distributions: The history of Cichlasoma, Part 2 by Willem Heijns
62 Husbandry and Breeding — Girardinus metallicus, the metallic livebearer by Lou Herfurth
66 AGA Aquasquape 2019 Winners — Outstanding international planted tank aquascapes by Cheryl Rogers
78 Notes from the field — A nice surprise—the ugly duckling Melanotaenia susii by Hans-Georg Evers

88 Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events by Janine Banks
90 Retail Sources
92 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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