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AMAZONAS May/Jun 2020: African Adventures: East and West


May/June 2020

  • Deep Diving Lake Tanganyika
  • Enigmatic Gollum Snakeheads
  • Growing Bucephalandra

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Volume 9, Number 3

5 Letter from the Editor by Ann Whitman
6 Aquatic Notebook by AMAZONAS staff

20 Lake Tanganyika Safari 2019 by Mattia Matarrese
28 Southwestern Nigeria — Sampling for fish by Lawrence Kent with Olaoluwa Popoola, Ph.D.
36 Equatorial Guinea — A small African country with fabulous killifishes by Adolfo González, Carlos Vizcaino, Francisco Portal, and Heinz Ott
46 Reportage: Badis laspiophilus: A small red badis by Torsten Kortum
50 Reportage: Bumblebee banjo catfish—a secretive life by Ernst Sosna
54 Aquatic Plants: Bucephalandra — Plants for the aquarium and humid terrarium by Friedrich Bitter
58 Husbandry and Breeding: Nematolebias whitei: Life in the fast lane — spawning the seasonal killifish by Ernst Sosna
64 Husbandry and breeding: Amphilius cf. uranoscopus: African stargazer mountain fish — first breeding by Oliver Drescher
72 Reportage: The enigmatic Gollum snakehead a new subterranean genus by Ralf Britz
82 Notes from the field: A trip to central Borneo by Hans-Georg Evers

90 Aquarium calendar – Upcoming events by Janine Banks
92 Retail Sources
94 Species Snapshots
97 Advertiser Index
98 Underwater Eye

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