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AMAZONAS Nov/Dec 2022: A Slice of Paradise


November/December 2022

  • Pinocchio whiptail catfish
  • Surveys in eastern Nigeria
  • Monster-faced eelgobies

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5     Letter From the Editor by Courtney Tobler
6     Aquatic Notebook
       • James K. Langhammer, 1936–2022
by Pat Hartman, Rich Serva, and Michi Tobler
       • Social Adventures at the Aquatic Triple Crown
by Robert Hintze
       • New Names for Old Friends
by Paul V. Loiselle

16     Appreciating Wild Paradisefish
by Friedrich Bitter
24     Cultivated forms of Macropodus opercularis
by Erik Dederer
30     The spiketail paradisefish
by Rüdiger Schäfer
36     Reportage: Eerie eelgobies from the Americas
by Uwe Werner
42     Reportage: Pinocchio whiptail catfish—truly remarkable
by Norman Behr and Anja Katzschmann
50     Reportage: Surveys of the eastern forest block of the Lower Cross River, Nigeria
by Michael Olaoluwa Popoola
60     Husbandry and Breeding: Introducing Hyphessobrycon procyon 
by Hans-Georg Evers
68     Aquatic Plants: Nymphaea glandulifera, an excitingly fresh aquarium plant
by Rudolf Suttner
72     Reportage: Badis sp. ‘Sreemangal’—a new species from Bangladesh?
by Torsten Kortum
76     Notes From The Field: An American aquarist in Bangkok
by Hans-Georg Evers
86     Century Species: Dermogenys pusilla—the wrestling halfbeak
by Friedrich Bitter

90      Aquarium Calendar — Upcoming events 
by Janine Banks
92      Retail Sources
94      Species Snapshots
97      Advertiser Index
98      Underwater Eye

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