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CORAL Aug/Sep 2006: CORALS: Sexual Propagation in the Aquarium


August/September 2006

  • Keeping Anthias
  • The SECORE Project
  • Pathogenic Bacteria in the Aquarium
  • Reef Aquarium Profile

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CORALS: Sexual Propagation in the Aquarium
Volume 3 Number 4

4     Daniel Knop Editorial
5     Kathleen Wood Editorial
6     Interview: Holger Kraus
12   Getting Started Is Easy
16   Oddities
18   Photo Essay: Corals: Sexual Propagation in the Aquarium by Daniel Knop
28   Coral Spawning at ReefHQ by Dr. Kirsten Michalek-Wagner
34   Favla fragum in the Aquarium — A Case Study in Sexual Propagation by Anja Cargill, Dr. Dirk Petersen and Professor Helmut Schumacher
38   Creating Artificial Substrate for Coral Larval Settlement by Dr. Dirk Petersen
40   Propagating Stony Corals in your own Living Room by Daniela Stettler
44   The SECORE Project by Dr. Dirk Petersen
46   Overview: Cnidarians That Have Been Noted to Spawn or Reproduce in the Aquarium by Daniel Knop
48   Spotlight: The Lyretail Anthias (Pseudanthias squamipinnisby Professor Ellen Thaler and Kai Veiling
53   Thaler Talk
54   Travel: Yap Impressions — Things There are a Lot Different than Anywhere Else by Werner Redler
60   Pathogenic Bacteria in the Saltwater Aquarium — Part I by Harald Muller and Robert Baur-Kruppas
64   3.3-Inch Standoff — When Anecdotal Meets the Philosophical in the Aquarium by Professor Ellen Thaler
68   Are They or Aren’t They — Finding Out if the Leopard Blenny (Exallias brevis) is Suitable for the Reef Aquarium by Joachim Frische and Herbert Finck
72   Aquarium Portrait: My Path to the Reefkeeping Hobby by Toni Barraco
75   European Reefkeeping Perspectives
80   Anthias by Daniel Knop
84   Anthias in the Reef Aquarium by Professor Ellen Thaler
92   Tips And Tricks
94   Retail Realm

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