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CORAL May/Jun 2022: Dottybacks


May/June 2022

  • Goniopora Decoded
  • Build a Nano Island
  • Lobophyllia Explorer

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Volume 19 Number 3

9 Editor’s Page by James M. Lawrence
10 Reef News 
from the world of marine science
22 Reef Visions
 by Matt Pedersen

30     Dr. Jeykll, I Presume? Dottyback encounters meet the beautiful but sometimes bellicose members of the subfamily Pseudochrominae by Scott W. Michael
50     Dottyback species: Choosing among the 100-some species in their tribe, some much better than others for the community reef aquarium 
by Scott W. Michael
72     CORAL Explorer Genus Lobophyllia, Part II — Immigrants from inner space 
by Russell Kelley

60     Island rising! Reefkeeping outside the glass box with a novel approach to culturing Tillandsia-species “air plants” above an open-top Leipzig aquarium 
by Marius Schumann

81     Species Spotlight: Flowerpot Corals: Goniopora decoded by Felicia McCaulley with images by Michael Vargas
96     Advanced Aquatics: The Orchid Dottyback: A breeder’s notes 
by José María Cid Ruiz
106     CORAL Sources: 
Outstanding aquarium shops
108     CORALexicon: 
Technical terms that appear in this issue
110     Reef Marketplace: 
The marine products showcase
112     Advertiser Index
114     Reef Life: 
by Larry P. Tackett and Denise Nielsen Tackett

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