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CORAL Apr/May 2008: Blennies


April/May 2008

  • Reefs of the Dominican Republic
  • Keeping Moon Jellyfish
  • Artificial Reefs
  • Reef Aquarium Profile

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Volume 5 Number 2

4    Daniel Knop Editorial
5    Kathleen Wood Editorial
6    Interview Rudie Kuiter
12    Oddities
14    Getting Started is Easy
18    Photo Essay Blennies by Daniel Knop
26    Getting to Know the Blennies by Dr. Bruce Carlson, Ph.D. and Marj Awai
40    Salarias fasciatus —The Jeweled Rockskipper by Professor Ellen Thaler
44     Mediterranean Blennies in Nature and in the Aquarium by Harold Weiss
48     Like a Bolt of Lightning — Tube Blennies in the Aquarium by Martin Reith and Jean Laurens
52     Blennies (Blenniidae) in the Aquarium by Professor Ellen Thaler
56     Elephant Ear (Mycedium elephantotus) by Werner Fiedler
62     Travel: Marine Habitats in the Dominican Republic by Daniel Knop
68    Aquarium Portrait: Chandeliers and Aquariums in Amsterdam by Ron Hessing, Aquarium: Jan Willem Esselaar
72     Comb Jellyfish in Cologne, Germany by Dr. Lutz Fischer
75     A Terminal Feast by Tobias Engel
78    Artificial Coral Reefs: Reef Protection Or An Elaborate Junkyard? by Daniel Knop
84    Fossil Corals on the Ice-Age Reefs of the Red Sea — Part I by Karen and Dr. Wolfgang Loch
90    Reef News
92    Mac News
94    Retail Realm
96    Thaler Talk

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